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Josef Kufner

Currently, I'm finishing my Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. As my dissertation, I create an assistive technology for lazy web developers to aid them with boring programming tasks by automatically synthesizing parts of an application from an incomplete specification and existing code (something like Ironman's Jarvis, but less talkative).

One of the practical results of my research is the Smalldb framework, which combines a formalism of finite automata with a well-established SQL database and traditional PHP code into a model layer of a web application. Aside from providing the infrastructure, it also can interpret BPMN diagrams and automatically generate a state machine to implement the business process.

My favorite tools to get things done are Vim, LyX, Git, Gitlab, and Grafovatko (which replaced Graphviz) running on Debian Linux. To some of these and others, I contributed with few patches.


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